Welcome to the educational section of Mongabay! This site contains a series of standards-based educational resources that center on the themes of ecology and conservation.

There are three types of content currently on the site: Readers, Articles, and Lessons. All content was created to address educational standards specific to their respective grade level, and so can be filtered accordingly using the search bar at the top of the Browse page. Each module includes downloadable content, which educators should feel free to use at their discretion.

The material currently on the site is appropriate for grades K-5, although we are planning to expand to the middle-school range in the near future.

About the Authors

Triona Gogarty

Triona is a speech-language pathologist and elementary school teacher with 35 years experience working in early development and literacy.

Lisa Algee

Lisa is an Environmental Education Ph.D. at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC). Lisa runs a site called Kids Connected to Conservation and Culture which focuses on educating the next generation about environmental issues, and what we can do as global citizens to curb these detrimental effects.