Haiku Poems

Purpose:  To understand haikus and how to construct them.

Materials:  Recycled paper, pencil, colored pencils, crayons, marker, watercolor paper, watercolors, and water cups. 

Procedure:  (Discuss haiku poems)

  • Discuss the structure of haiku poems with students (first line has 5 syllable; second line has 7 syllables; and the third line has 5 syllables).  Provide examples, such as:


Ocean Haiku Poem                                                               Rainforest Haiku Poem


Blue, salty water                                                                     Trees, five stories high

Important ecosystem                                                              High biodiversity

All life depends on                                                                  A bounty of life!


  • Have students practice haiku poems with you and with each other. 
  • Encourage students to choose an ecosystem of interest to them when constructing their haiku.  Note:  If students choose to paint, cut a piece of watercolor paint and paste on metaphor writing activity below (pdf)  
  • Students can share their work with their classmates and parents.  These can also be showcased in the classroom (see below). 
  • Students can fill in the type of ecosystem in the title of their haiku poem (see pdf).

______________ Haiku Poem  






Written by _______________________________