Photosynthesis Mobile

Purpose: To solidify the steps of photosynthesis by creating a colorful mobile that will be showcased in the classroom for all to see.

Materials: Colored construction paper (especially yellow), paper plates, scissors, string, computer, paste or tape, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and yellow paint.


• Students can either draw their own pictures on the front side of the mobile or look for images on the Internet. They can also use arrows to signify the movement of carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen.

• Students can punch a hole at the top of the mobile and thread a string through in order to hang up their photosynthesis mobiles.

• Students can write or type their understanding of each step in a table format and paste or tape on the back of their mobile.

Note: These colorful mobiles can be showcased in the classroom during Open House, Back to School Night, Parent Conference Week, etc. Parents love to see what their children are learning and students love to share what they have learned with their parents.

Photosynthesis Steps :

Table Photosynthesis