This article is part of a three-part series on Oceans and Coral Reefs consisting of the following articles:

  1. Rainforests and Coral Reefs
  2. Ocean Prognosis
  3. Coral Reef Solutions

Each has been taken from the Mongabay main site and adapted to meet 5th grade educational standards. Ideally, they are to be read in the above order.


Absorber (n.) A thing that takes in or sucks up liquids or gases, like a sponge.
Adage (n.) A saying or a proverb.
Aquaculture (n.) The growing of water animals or plants in a controlled environment, underwater farming.
Deplete (v.) Use up the supply.
Devastate (v.) To destroy or ruin.
Dispel (v.) To cause to vanish, alleviate.
Efficient (adj.) Using with the least waste of resources or effort.
Expands (v.) To increase in size, extent, scope etc.
Forage (n.) Food.
Multitudes (n.) A great number.
Numerous (adj.) Very many.
Resilient (adj.) Recovering from illness or damage.
Restoration (n.) A return of something or someplace to its original condition.
Retention (n.) The ability to keep in place.
Sedimentation (n.) The matter or dirt that settles to the bottom of a liquid.
Swaths (n.) A line or ridge of grass.