Purpose:  To build knowledge and awareness about the power of photosynthesis and how all life depends upon this process.  With this knowledge, students, teachers, and parents can co-construct meaningful, productive action through activities and future endeavors.

Key concepts:  photosynthesis, deforestation, non-renewable sources of energy, greenhouse gas, organelles, chloroplasts, chlorophyll, stomata, absorb, carbon dioxide, transpiration

Research based:  Sociocultural theory with an emphasis on co-constructing knowledge and negotiating meaning using Wells (1999, 2002, 2010) model, ‘Spiral of learning and teaching through inquiry’.

Materials: Internet access, books, articles, pen, colored pencils, crayons, markers, and recycled paper.


Wells’ model, “Spiral of learning and teaching through inquiry,” in action:

I.  Tapping into students’ prior knowledge and experiences:

Pre-assessment:  (Use pdf)

II. Gathering information:

Students can seek information in books, articles, the Internet, consulting an expert, etc., on photosynthesis.  Allow students time to gather information to answer the questions in the Student Photosynthesis Worksheet (pdf).

III. Co-constructing knowledge together:

Note:  Allow students time to share their information from their Students Photosynthesis Worksheet with you.  You can use the Teacher Information Sheet(pdf) to supplement their information.

IV. Understanding:

Demonstrating understanding through post-assessment and activities (see activities at the end of lesson):

Post-assessment:  (Use pdf)