Lesson 2 Post-assessment:    Name:  ________________________    Grade ___

  1. When you think of the sun, what do you think of?
  1. What are some fun experiences you have with the sun?  Share them with a peer in class.
  1. Do you think the sun is important?  If so, why?  If not, explain why?
  1. Do you think we could live without the sun?  Why, or why not?  (Explain your answer.)
  1. When you look at the word photosynthesis, can you see the prefix photo?
  1. Do you know what photo means?  Can you make a guess?
  1. Can you see another word within photosynthesis?  Can you see the root word synthesis?
  1. Do you know what synthesis means?  Can you make a guess?
  1. Now that you have examined the prefix (photo) and the root word (synthesis), can you make a guess as to what photosynthesis means?
  1. What do you think photosynthesis relates to?  In other words, this word relates to ______________________________________________________________?
  1. Can you describe the process of photosynthesis?  What happens?  (Draw a picture also to explain your answer)
  1. Do you think the process of photosynthesis is important?  Why or why not?

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