This article is part of a four-part series on Biodiversity consisting of the following articles:

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Deforestation
  3. Palm Oil
  4. Conservation

Each has been taken from the Mongabay main site and adapted to meet 3rd grade educational standards. Ideally, they are to be read in the above order.

Also note that we provide remedial-reading versions for each of the four articles. These versions are designed to meet 3rd grade science standards, but 2nd grade reading standards.


1. Which sentence from the section Where does it come from? explains how much oil can be made from oil palm trees?

    a) Palm oil comes from a tree called the oil palm tree.

    b) Lots of oil comes from each tree.

    c) One acre of land (which is about the size of a football field) can produce 7 tons of oil.

2. Which sentence is not a reason for using palm oil?

    a) Palm oil is used because it holds together well.

    b) It prevents the ingredients in toothpaste or shampoo from separating.

    c) Palm oil comes from a tree called the oil palm tree.

    d) Many researchers tell us that eating vegetable oils is better for our health than eating animal fats.

3. Which of the following options best explains the main idea of the entire article?

    a) Lots of palm oil comes from one tree.

    b) Vegetable oil is healthier than animal fat.

    c) Palm oil is a product grown on rainforest land and is being used in many things.

    d) Palm oil plantations can be grown anywhere in the world.

4. What do you think happens to animals when a rainforest is cut down for a plantation?