High frequency words

  • a, are, can, come, do, from, has, have, her, his, how, in, is, it, like, little, look, not, now, of, on, one, or, out, she, some, that, the, there, they, this, to, were, where, will, with

Story words

  • absorbed, breathe, camouflage, female, fertilizing, releases, sperm, vocal sac

Reading Recovery 15-16
DRA 16
Guided Reading I
First Grade Science Standards 1-LS1-2, LS1.B, 1- LS3-1
Guiding questions:

  • How do frog parents help their babies?
  • Why do some frog parents put their tadpoles in trees?
  • Where do frogs lay eggs?
  • How are tadpoles different from their parents?
  • How are tadpoles the same as their parents?

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